Hello there, I am Sandra!
I am a fine artist, graphic designer & creative entrepreneur.

I am the founder of the brand SANDRAAS [SANDRA’s Art Studio], an illustration and design brand. My art style mostly consists of watercolors, fine details and nature themes. I also like to use other mediums like acrylics, gouache, pens and I like to paint digitally in Procreate. My inspiration comes from my love for nature and animals and all the beautiful things I see in the world inspiring me. I love to get caught up in the colors and patterns of my surroundings. When I am not painting, designing, doing yoga or taking care of my kids, I am working as a financial analyst.

Want to know more about me?


Being creative is a second nature to me. I have been drawing and painting since I can remember. My art style is currently devoted to watercolors and on occasion I paint with gouache or do a digital painting in Procreate. I have been very active with acrylics on canvas as well, and I am always open to experiment and discover new things.

I get my inspiration from everything around me. I love nature, animals, flowers and seasonal subjects. You see that coming back in my designs. I do have a tendency to paint with lots of details, but I try to give my art a modern twist as well.

Currently I am in a full time financial analyst job by day and a watercolor artist by night… I have the ambition to one day be a fulltime creative entrepreneur by day, and sleep again by night! 🙂