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10 things to do, to become a powerwoman

As a single mother with a film time job and a creative business on the side, I am feeling the ambition to grow out to be a power woman…

Strong women just have a certain vibe about them. They show confidence and assertiveness wherever they go. Most women could probably agree that they enjoy being independent, self-assured, and mentally and physically strong, but getting to that point can seem challenging. At least, it does for me!

Despite gender stereotypes and social conventions, women have risen above the expectations of others and have made great progress in showing the world the beauty and strength of femininity. I love that so much.

It doesn’t matter how you see yourself now – you can easily become a strong, independent woman using these tips below. I hope they are as useful to you as they are to me!

1. Wake up early…

…and start your day with a positive mindset. A good way to do this is by having a moment for yourself. Start with a shower, or even a meditation or yoga session. Some quiet time on the balcony with a well deserved cup of coffee or take your time to have a good breakfast. Another way to connect with yourself is to write a couple of minutes in your journal. Find out something that works for you. But a good start of the day is very important to become a powerful and successful woman.

2. Make a list.

Keeping all your tasks and goals written down and staying focused helps keep your accountable and organized. You need a big vision list that ties to a monthly list, a weekly list and a daily list.

If you like to know more about organizing your ideas, read this article: How to keep up with all your ideas.

3. Take care of yourself physically and stay flexible.

Exercise is a great way to take care of yourself, stay fit and get energized. But there is one way of exercising that has some bonus benefits: Yoga. Not only is the practice a do-anywhere kind of thing—which makes it great for travel—but it’s been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, which makes for a calmer, centered, more capable you.

4. Foster genuine relationships – and keep them strong.

It’s hard to keep up your relationships when you’re blazing your own path, but having a strong support system is important. Also, networking effectively should be a number one priority. You never know whose help you may need down the road. When time is short, focusing on the small gestures that take seconds is the best way to go.

5. Go outside your comfort zone.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and take risks. You’ve got to try everything, because there isn’t one undiscovered path to success. You should also diversify your income through investments or multiple jobs so that you can take risks without the fear of being fired and losing everything.

6. Be in control of your financial situation.

This takes us to the importance of making sure you are financial stable. Too often, women have negative associations with money. It is important to take time in your day-to-day life to get comfortable analyzing and discussing money.

7. Remember to take time for yourself.

So if you’re working 24/7 on your career, your family, friends, relationship,… When do you have time to rest? Powerful women know that burnout is a reality, and that taking care of your physical and mental health should be high on your To Do list. Unfortunately, that’s a lot easier said than done. Make rules for yourself to keep you sane (and healthy), like not sleeping with your phone, not checking social media or email until 45 minutes after you’ve woken up, and prioritizing sleep. These small adjustments are invaluable for women who want to realize their career goals without completely losing their sanity and well being.

8. Don’t depend on others to make you happy.

Most importantly, don’t rely on other people for happiness – this will only make you believe that you need someone at all times to feel content. You have everything you need to feel absolutely wonderful about life, so don’t believe any differently. Relationships can definitely provide a source of happiness, but they shouldn’t serve as our ONLY method of finding fulfillment and joy in life.

9. Don’t compare yourself to others

You are you! You are unique! The tendency to compare ourselves to others is as human as any other emotion. And remember: Comparisons are always unfair. We typically compare the worst we know of ourselves to the best we presume about others. This will certainly stand in your way to becoming a power woman!

10. Believe that you will be successful

You must believe in yourself that you will reach your goals. Success doesn’t come easy, that’s a known fact. It is about hard work and dedication. But it also requires strong determination. With that determination is the belief in succeeding. Successful entrepreneurs knew from day one that they would succeed, no matter how tough and rough things will go. They believed in their success even before they made it happen; and that belief helped them through it.

Believe in your success and believe in your goal. Don’t let others talk you down on what you believe will create a great change in your life. Hold your chin high and do it. Success only happens the moment you start reaching for it.

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