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25 Inspirational crafts to get creative this autumn!

Autumn could easily be my favorite season. Unlike most people, I love the autumn storms and the evenings getting darker. Not because I am a grim person (I really am not..), but because I love it to be home and make it cozy inside, while outside the rain is dropping on my window.

Candles, pine cones, pillows and throws… My knit wear display beautifully near my couch. And while normally, spring is the ultimate moment for most people to have a big house cleaning spree, I have mine in autumn. For the same reason I just told you. In autumn I am starting to nest.

And what do you need for a beautifully decorated fall home? That’s right! Decoration!
And where you gonna get it? You are going to make it yourself!

So let me share with you 25 lovely Autumn craft ideas, to get you going!

1. Creating mason jars candle holders

| by sparkandchemistry

Mason jars all the rage for home decoration.  There are a million ways you can decorate with them and here you’ll be shown how to decorate them with real autumn leaves and mod podge. It may take some time, but this craft makes great Autumn decor for the home. Have fun!

2. Pumpkin decorations

| by DIYjoy

Need some fall decor ideas? It is no surprise that pumpkins make some of the best DIY home decor ideas for autumn. Try these awesome pumpkin crafts to place on your front porch, as a table centerpiece, and for creative decor around your home. Easy to make when you follow the step by step tutorials, you can make succulent crafts, polka dotted pumpkins and even faux milk glass creations to accent your vintage, country home decor.

3. Create an autumn bucket list

| by CraftaholicsAnonymous

I love bucket lists! But what I like so much about this one is, they’ve used an actual bucket! And those lovely autumn colors. Enjoy! 🙂

4. DIY fall wreath

| by ladyfaceblog

Isn’t this a beautiful fall wreath? I must confess I already have made this, only don’t have the lovely birds yet. And I need to put it up.

5. Create rustic heart garland

I haven’t found a tutorial to create this beautiful rustic heart garland, but I love it so much! So I really need to put this on the list. My suggestion is, gather up some old tweed blouses and fabric you can cut up and use for this, and I’ll get a tutorial up real soon!

6. Paint ombre pine cones

| by whimzeecal

This is something I have done myself many times, because I love it so much! It is a very soothing activity to paint the pine cones. And I especially love the ombre effect. Use what ever colors that you like! Also a great idea for Christmas decorations, but more about that another time 🙂

7. Crochet autumn leaves

| by thepaintedhinge

There are many crochet patterns for leaves to find on the internet. So if you like more, just go on Google or Pinterest and enjoy! But for now, I chose this pattern, because I really like it! It is free, and fun and easy to make!

8. Create tree stump candle holders

| by cozystylishchic

This is a very good tutorial – with a lot of pictures to show –  on how to make these lovely birch tree stump candle holders. So if you have got any wood lying around.. Enjoy!

9. Create a chalkboard autumn welcome sign

| by countryliving

Greet guests with this charming alternative to a fall wreath, a chalkboard welcome sign. Love it!

10. Painted acorns

| by countryliving

Jazz up your acorns with acrylic paint! This will make for a colorful autumn decoration. I’m going to start gathering some acorns… 🙂

11. Knit or crochet gloves and sleaves

| by littlegoldennook

I get cold so easily in autumn and winter. Especially my hands. So when I am working behind my desk, or walking around the house, I like to wear these cosy fingerless gloves, or wrist warmers.

You can knit or crochet your gloves, and there are so many amazing patterns out there. Too much for me to share with you here. So this one is to get you started! More later…

12. Create paper book pumpkins

| by decor4all

Pumpkins are the main symbols of Halloween. Bright orange pumpkins symbolize the harvest time, the evil spirits and the fire that scares them. For many centuries Jack-o-lanterns lit in homes, scaring away evil spirits. Handmade of fabrics and paper pumpkins are a great alternative for families with small kids and all who enjoy paper crafts or working with fabrics.

13. Leaf dishes with air dried clay

| by craftinvaders

This project is a really good way to get you looking at leaves properly; their shape, thickness, colour and most importantly their structure and texture.

14. Dried orange & cinnamon ornaments

| by hearthandvine

Have you every made a dried orange garland? The drying process takes some time, but overall its pretty easy to make. Can you already the smell of autumn in your home…?

15. Painted wood slice pumpkins

| by anightowlblog

I really love this project! I have some wood slices and paint lying around, so I am going to give it a try… How about you?

16. Create bird feeder treats

| by bystephanielynn

I love birds! And while the air gets colder, I like to decorate my garden with pretty bird feed treats. It is so much fun to create them! And there are so many different ways to do it. – I think I am going to make a separate blog post about this topic 🙂 – I’ve selected this one, because of the orange, gives it a good autumn vibe.

17. Create a pine cone garland

| by ellaclaireinspired

Isn’t this a lovely autumn decoration? So go out and gather your pine cones!

18. Paint autumn welcome sign

| by brassandwhatnots

If you have a piece of wood laying around, that you won’t be using otherwise.. Paint a welcome sign on it to greet your guests in style! This is a nice tutorial about how you can do this. But don’t hesitate to browse on Pinterest and be inspired!

19. Create an autumn photo collage

I stumbled upon this picture on Pinterest, but sadly couldn’t find the source. Nevertheless, I am loving this idea! I am only wondering what would be the best place for me to put it. Probably the kitchen.

Looks easy enough.. Yarn, little pins, autumn leaves, and family pictures in autumn theme… Let’s get started!

20. Knit or crochet a beautiful autumn scarf

| by LisaBruceonRavelry


Can’t wait to get started on this one! Love the autumn colors..

21. Painted pumpkins

| by popsugar

So many amazing ideas in how to paint your pumpkins! I love it so much. Just don’t know where to begin.

22. Knit or crochet an autumn blanket

When I was browsing for fall crochet blankets, I stumbled upon two beauties on Etsy. Now, I hate saying ‘Oh, I can make those myself’ generally when it comes to knitted good, but in this case… it’s true. If you’ve always wanted to make a ripple stitch blanket, here’s your chance. Just buy a bunch of yarn, like StylecraftDK or Cotton8 and go ahead! The blankets are by DrowsySwords and WinkelvanGinkel. You can find crochet ripple stitch patterns here and here.

23. Paper leaf mobile

| by happinessishomemade


Make this gorgeous watercolor paper leaf and branch mobile with just a few sheets of paper and about an hour’s time! A stunning fall home decor craft to welcome the autumn season!

24. Bake a pumpkin pie

| by bhg

Okay, so this might not be a craft, like with paint or glue, etc. But I just love pumpkin pie! So I really wanted this one on the list 🙂 Maybe make it first, before you start creating, so you have a treat along the way…

25. Painted autumn leaves

| by eenigwonen

I love this so much! I think this is my favorite idea in this entire blog post. I am already gathering the leaves to get going with this.

When you follow the link you’ll see even more lovely ideas for things you can do with autumn leaves. Be inspired!

I do hope that you’ve enjoyed the selection of autumn crafts I made. Please do share all the creations you make, in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

Xo, Sandra

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