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Hooray, my very first blog post…

Hello you, fellow entrepreneur, artist, blogger, webshop owner, creative person, and welcome to my blog!

SO, THIS IS IT! The first one, hopefully one of many. And I must admit, I am a bit nervous. Don’t get me wrong, I have got a lot to write about. There is a reason that I am starting my blog. (Finally! I feel like I needed to it a long time ago already!) But this is the first one, and it is scary.

The reason that I am starting a blog is because I have the feeling that I have got so much to share. As a single mother I am struggling on a daily basis to keep my life in balance. Taking care of my little girls – who both are going through an interesting phase…- working hard at my day job at the office, so that I am able to provide. And at night I am working hard to build my own creative empire.

I am certain that I am not the only one out there. And I’ve already learned so much from all you guys out there. Now I feel like it is time to give something back, share with you all the mistakes that I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned.
And not only that.. I hope that with my shout out to you, that you will shout back, and hopefully I will learn even more 😉


  • Being inspired!
  • Power women!
  • Creative entrepreneurship..
  • Starting a business..
  • Social Media..
  • Perhaps some mother, kids things, if I really need to vent.. 🙂
  • Creating things
  • Painting (Did I already tell you that I am an artist? No?…

So, I am an artist and graphic designer. My ultimate passion is painting. I create watercolor illustrations, beautiful acrylic paintings about nature and animals. Etc, etc.)

Oh, I am so excited! Just don’t know where to begin. But whatever it is, I will promise you, it is going to be amazing!

Hope to see you soon! And don’t hesitate to comment, because I really do like to hear from you!


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